Money, Love & Uplevelling

About 5 years a go I had the intuition to change all my money related digital folders to ‘Money-Love’ because money was a topic that brought me great fear. It’s been a long road of inner-change, but today I do feel more joy & love on the topic and wanted to write to ‘pay’ it forward, so to speak! This one is especially for my fellow creatives, students & entrepreneurs in the ‘helping’ field.

Here are a few of my common money ‘blocks’ and how I have reframed them:

  • I’m not good with money.

    Sometimes I compare myself to peers and feel like I don’t earn enough and maybe that means I’m not good with money. But what if wealth is built through systems of saving and investing, not through earning? Some books I’ve loved on this topic that have also helped me to create automated savings & investing systems are: The Barefoot Investor, The Latte Factor, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, and She’s On The Money

    • I don’t want to be seen.

    If I charge more, earn more, I’ll be seen more, and if I’m seen more… then people will know more about me. My ‘too much’ & ‘not enough’-ness & my origin stories. But what if those are the same qualities/stories that showed me my own resilience? A teacher recently said to me, about my past, ‘What you think right now is your weakness, is actually your strength. Focus on how you got through that. When you better see your own resilience, you will be able to better see others.’

    • I don’t want to become disconnected.

    Sometimes I fear that I’ll forget what it is like to financially reach for things I really need, & I’ll close out people who can’t afford services. But what if I stop giving things away for free to rescue another, which sends the message that they need rescuing? I can trust that my audience is resourceful and empowered enough to find ways to pay for what they value.

    • Afraid to charge for my passion.

    What I do is not mainstream, and is my purpose/passion, sometimes don’t charge for it as I would other work hours. But this is my main offering in this lifetime, and every exchange of time and energy adds up. What if I had better financial boundaries that made this path more sustainable, allowed me to do less extra side-jobs and contribute more of my main purpose to the world?


    It’s an ongoing process, but I feel less like I have a long way to go and a lot to change when it comes to money. I feel like I’m on the right track and I know more than I think I know, which is a great feeling. I think of money in a more long-term way these days, like a garden: something planted now for future benefit.

    I hope this has sparked some ideas for your own Money-Love journey, and sign up to the newsletter to stay in touch for any next offerings that also may help.

    P.s I highly recommend ‘Unblocked Money‘ by To Be Magnetic

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