How to feel love and connection

What a loaded topic we’re tackling for the month of February! Albeit a relevant one, with the un-avoidable Val Day looming…

Ironically, this day can make one feel greater isolation and disconnection, as it creates a sense of ‘lack’ of specific kinds of relationships – namely, romantic ones.

Whatever your romantic relationship status, it can also be a great opportunity to have a look at the ways in which we do and don’t feel love and connection within the most important relationship in our lives: yes, the one with ourselves…

How have I been speaking to myself?

How have I been tending to or avoiding my needs?

How have I been expressing or not expressing my feelings?

If you’re anything like me, your answers to these questions bring up some hesitation. How have I been treating myself?

My invitation is to use February as a template: Try some new ways of loving and connecting with self, and allow these to blossom throughout the year. Let go of the ways that don’t work, keep the ones that do.

Below are some easy, accessible starting points:


  • A break from the clutter: 10 minutes of meditation/music appreciation to practise allowing thoughts to pass like clouds through the mind, with awareness, my fav playlist here, that I blended from playlists by @kawaheartstudios and @selfpractice


  • A clear and honest expression: writing a letter with everything that needs to be expressed, option to tear it up or to gift it
  • Feeling the feelings: some time on the yoga mat, allowing them to pass, like waves, through the body


  • A self stretch/massage session: 20 minutes on the home yoga mat, with some tunes, and time for tuning in to receive what is needed (rolling on a foam-roller or spiky ball can help with those knots) my fav gentle movement playlist here

Get inspired and/or add your own ideas to this commitment-reminder

Another way to treat yourself is to get in touch and book a free trial guided movement session, where I can help you start to reconnect with yourself through gentle embodied practices. Just send me a note via the contact form

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