In the New Year: I envision & I intend…

In the new year we envision; re-imagine possibilities & call them forth…

It can be a tiring concept, ‘resolutions’, as these have a joyless, punitive flavour – expectations that end in disappointment…

Instead I’m inviting you to lean into inspiration – I am feeling into the depths of my heart-soul & calling on expansive energy…

What am I going to become, this year? How is that going to look?

I’ve also been looking back, to look forward. To celebrate past milestones. To take stock of the things that worked, and importantly, that didn’t work.

In 2022, I celebrated a milestone birthday, a graduation 12 years in the making and a big move 8 years in the making…

The things that didn’t work, or align with my next version of self were: inconsistency in my actions. Especially on matters closest to my heart.

So, looking forward, not only do I envision, I also intend to move with greater consistency. Showing up regularly in the communities and activities I care most about. And taking consistent action on the projects that matter.

Where do you envision yourself, this time next year? What didn’t work last year? How can you show up differently moving forward?

Download & fill out a commitment reminder below:

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