How to level-up in key areas of life

Often times when there is an uncomfortable or nagging feeling that something isn’t ‘quite right’ with an interaction, dynamic, situation… we avoid it.

And for good reason! If the stove is hot – don’t touch it.

However, when it comes to emotional and relational situations, concerns are best addressed promptly.

Facing the hard stuff that is arising right now, is also the pathway to levelling-up in career, finances, health, wellbeing, community…

This is because the vision that we have for our lives, lies on the other side of changing our own ways of being.

Addressing what is presenting now, in one area of life, is an opportunity to look at our role in it. Finding solutions involves self-awareness and change that opens up new possibility in other key life areas also.

You’d be surprised how an uncomfortable but important conversation in the workplace, can allow greater ease in the heart and the home and vice versa.

Question for reflection: what nagging concern have you been avoiding lately? What is one small step towards addressing it you can take today?

Note: Sometimes avoidance and denial is a trauma-response, and unpacking present concerns may require professional trauma-informed support. Ideas here

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