A September update: how to avoid burn out

I’m really happy to be taking the time to update the blog! I’ve been focusing on receiving more of what I aim to offer, which is an ongoing journey…

It means I’m able to show up again for more of my projects and offerings, like the blog. I want to write today about being able to pivot. As a manifesting-generator (human design) I’ve come to accept that I work best when I have more than one project happening at any one time… it also means that I burn out!

I’ve observed that some shame around letting things go, such as ‘failure’ or ‘quitting’ but what if we could see this as ‘pivoting’ towards something that lights us up more, when the old thing no longer does?

It’s something that I’ve had to learn to be able to accept… I rarely can sustain energy on things that no longer light me up without burning out, so I have to let them go… and pivot!

Question for reflection is: what are you feeling the desire to pivot away from, lately? What fears does this bring up? Can you hold these fears gently, in awareness and spend some time with them?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic or exercise 🙂

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