How to be guided

Have you ever physically taken a step back from a conversation, a person, a place that you were considering? Or leaned in when a conversation got delightful, humorous, fascinating?

Or maybe you feel tingles, butterflies, a light, expansive chest? Or a clenched, heavy, nauseating feeling in the ‘pit of the stomach’…

I really believe that our bodies communicate to us for our highest good, and as someone reminded me recently; ‘if you listen when your body whispers, it won’t have to shout’. This goes for aches and pains too.

After learning the hard way that intuition is best heeded, I’d love to pass on a simple starting point, if you’re open to it:

  1. Make sure you have a quiet, safe place – somewhere where you can be alone and without interruption.
  2. Take a few deep breaths, until you feel settled & open minded.
  3. Ask a specific yes/no question. Something you can verify and test.
  4. Listen. Use your body as a starting point, to receive a “no” or a “yes” through sensations. A “yes” might be in your chest and heart area, and a “no” could feel like a pit in the stomach, it might take time to know your own system.
  5. TRUST! We do receive insight but are quick to dismiss it. Practise accepting whatever comes through first, testing it out, until you build confidence in how the guidance feels in your body.

Over time, you’ll increase accuracy and confidence, like other skills, by becoming more familiar with how intuition shows up for you. Just like having a different learning style to your peers, you could also pick up guidance through visual, kinaesthetic, tactile or audible means.

– Marie Forleo really clearly talks about intuition as an expansion or shrinking in the body here

– Lalah Delia’s beautiful and detailed blog post on receiving higher insights here

If you need extra help, get in touch, write me a line via the contact form 🙂


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