How to gain clarity

‘We see the world not as it is, but as we are.’ – Anais Nin

Have you ever been in a situation where someone you know has ‘over-reacted’? Maybe that person has been yourself?

These moments when our reaction is out of proportion to the situation, can be due to old memories or past experiences, that were particularly shameful or painful….especially from our younger days…that haven’t been resolved.

Unfortunately, the collection of these ‘triggers’ can build up and create present-day realities that are more reminiscent of the past, than they are a reflection of where we really want to go & who we really want to be.

I’d like to share some of my own experiences, in dedication to my younger self, who I wish knew what I know now!

I often experienced being “out of it”, especially as a teenager and in my early adulthood. Eventually, this was put down to other labels, however…

This was only the beginning of this path for me. It wasn’t until I came to an understanding of extreme stress born from early interactions, and trauma-informed training, work & offerings, such as transpersonal expressive arts group-work, that I really began to experience lasting positive shifts, through resolving these past impactful moments, and gaining clarity.

By learning about the body’s fight, flight, freeze, fawn, flag reactions, I could see how my past was continuing to show up in my present. And from there I could slowly find ways to resolve what needed to be resolved, and continue to do so… Learning to ‘ground’ , or calm the nervous system, has also been pivotal short cut

It is important to remember that before we go into the past, we need to be strong enough in our present, so that we can come back from those memories safely. Don’t do this without the support of a trauma-informed professional, that seems to really “get it”, or if it feels daunting – there’ll be time later too. Ask about “Titration”, which means taking only a little bit of the work on at time, so as not to cause re-traumatisation.

As neuroscience literature grows and trauma-informed practice becomes more accepted and widely understood, our resources grow too:

– trauma-informed support helpline

– building a trauma-informed world

– how to ground

– inspiring podcast episode connection between recovery & manifesting

– neuroscientist Dr. Tara Stewart’s on the topic

Remember to seek (trauma-informed) professional advice (call Blue Knot for their database of contacts), ask your professional if their training is trauma-informed, and only start when ready. And even then, only take one little bite out of the work at a time…


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