How to grow what we eat

I’ve always liked the idea of an edible garden, and tried my green thumb each year since primary school, and have lost more plants that I can recall, let alone count… something magical (possibly also due to practice) happened during these last couple years: my garden has blossomed!

I still require greater skillset, know-how and time to really be able to feast upon the fruits of labour, but I’m witness to my own progress and relative successes so I thought it time to write about it, as entwines with the self-growth path.

With more time at home, as well as greater intention and maturity, I’ve been able to ‘regulate’ my nervous system and days, with consistency. Checking in to more quickly notice when I have gotten out of regularly attending to the basic needs: eat, sleep, exercise, connection, play… and taking appropriate action to bring them back into balance.

It has meant walking past my garden on the way to my semi-regular walks, and back past it on the way in. I was able to notice:

– After the rains, which plants looked happier, and which looked flooded

– After sunny days, which plants looked happier, which looked dry/yellow

– Jog my memory to water, or repot… due to evidence of being eaten…

– What had sprouted, was growing an extra set of leaves, or blooms

Although there were a few avocado seeds sitting in water, held up by toothpicks, to no avail, one did eventually grow roots, and is now a little baby tree, that continues sky-ward. Perhaps I’ll be feasting on the fruits (vegetables?) of my labour sooner rather than later…

Inspiring project tilting towards the future:

Future Food System

Reflection question: what have you been wanting to start in the garden and could do so, today? Good luck planting,


Image one: the beginnings of the current garden, taken mid 2020

Image two: the updated garden, early 2022

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