Perpetual evolution

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to connect with community, so it’s a joy to finally be writing and imagining you reading this!

It has been a time of big transition, up-level, and liminal in-betweens for me, which has required much time and energy for myself.

As you know, one cannot show up for others, without first showing up for oneself, and that has been my big learning that I have been trying to practise and embody.

As such, during this becoming I have decided to connect here via Sunday blog musings, so we can travel the growth path somewhat together.

I’m so excited about this, and will start small, and trust that this idea knows what it’s meant to become – I suppose like all of life uncertainty is the main guarantee.

I hope that you have found moments to lean into the process, honouring more than just the outcome, finding small ways to acknowledge and be with the un-knowing, the becoming, the transitional liminal spaces & collisions…

In perpetual evolution,


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